I am assistant professor at TU Delft, working on optimisation algorithms, energy system modelling, energy demand simulation, and other research areas that may support the practical realisation of fast and deep decarbonisation. See the About page for further details.

This website provides an overview of my ongoing projects and research areas, and access to material from lectures or seminars. Get in touch if you are looking for a collaboration or a thesis project. You’ll find my contact details at the bottom of each page.

Recent research highlights There are hundreds of feasible ways to reach carbon neutrality and energy self-sufficiency in Europe. We can achieve system balancing with or without mechanisms such as firm capacity, large-scale transmission expansion and power-to-gas. However, there are trade-offs. For instance, strongly limiting bioenergy use is only possible with solid investments in the intelligent integration of energy sectors. Explore the options yourself at explore.callio.pe and check out the full paper by Pickering, Lombardi and Pfenninger.


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