I am a post-doctoral researcher at TU Delft, working on computational methods to support the practical realisation of fast and deep decarbonisation.

In particular, I develop optimisation methods applied to large-scale energy system models that generate a wide range of feasible alternatives near the optimum, from which stakeholders can realise trade-offs and identify compromise, practically viable solutions. An example is the original SPORES algorithm, implemented in the open-source modelling framework Calliope.

Currently, I am leading TU Delft’s research tasks in the SEEDS and WindSPORES projects, both of which are grounded in and further develop the SPORES method and apply it to real-world policy-relevant questions. I also work in the H2020 ECEMF project, which aims to establish a permanent forum for intercomparison of modelling results across European modelling teams and interfacing with the EU Commission. For more details on all the ongoing projects, see the dedicated page.

I am a member of the Open Energy Modelling Initiative, which promotes openness and transparency in energy system modelling. I contribute the development of the open-source energy modelling framework Calliope, and I am the lead developer of the open-source RAMP software engine for cross-sectoral stochastic demand simulation.