I am an assistant professor of Urban and Multi-Scale Energy System Design at TU Delft, working on computational methods to support the design of socially just and technically robust systems across scales, from districts to countries.

For instance, I develop optimisation algorithms applied to energy system models that generate a wide range of feasible design alternatives, from which stakeholders can realise trade-offs and identify practically viable consensus solutions. An example is the original SPORES algorithm, implemented in the open-source modelling framework Calliope, which I contribute to develop.

I also lead the development of the open-source RAMP software for the stochastic simulation of any user-driven energy demand profiles. This data is essential wherever metered data does not exist, such as when designing systems for newly-built districts or when looking at future electric-vehicle fleets. Used by dozens of institutions, RAMP is co-funded by industrial and academic partners.

Currently, I am devising research projects that further develop the SPORES method and apply it to real-world policy-relevant questions at the urban scale and beyond. At TU Delft, I am also part of the PowerWeb Institute, which aims to design intelligent, integrated and inclusive energy systems. And I lead the ‘Transforming Cities’ task within the Urban Energy Institute. I am also part of the Open Energy Modelling Initiative, promoting openness and transparency in energy system modelling.