Below is an overview of the ongoing or upcoming funding-awarded projects to which I contribute. Together with the research areas, they provide an overview of the main ongoing activities as a basis for potential ideas for collaboration.

SEEDS. Stakeholder-Based Environmentally-Sustainable and Economically Doable Scenarios for the Energy Transition.

In the SEEDS project, we are building a co-creative, multi-model workflow that integrates human preferences into the generation of carbon-neutral energy system configurations while accurately modelling the relevant technical, economic and environmental constraints. The cornerstone of the modelling workflow is the SPORES approach I developed.

We do this in a consortium of four European institutions for the case of Portugal, together with a broad range of stakeholders ranging from citizen associations to energy cooperatives, system operators and policymakers. The three-year project, funded by CHIST-ERA, runs from March 2021 to February 2024. More details and updates on the project website.

WindSPORES. Policy-relevant wind power deployment scenarios for Switzerland

Wind power still faces low success in Switzerland, suffering from lower productivity than in neighbouring countries and local resistance. This project, funded by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, aims to identify hundreds of different technically and economically feasible spatial configurations for Swiss wind deployment, generated through SPORES.

We will quantify what trade-offs exist between alternative ways of distributing wind capacity across the country regarding landscape impact, grid stability benefits, and resilience across different weather conditions and weather regimes. The results will help clarify the possible role of wind power in a rapidly decarbonising Switzerland, with direct relevance to policy and planning.

ECEMF. European Climate and Energy Modelling Forum

The ECEMF project aims to establish a permanent European forum for systematically interfacing energy and climate researchers and policymakers. In this framework, the project will provide new insights based on a first-of-its-kind model-result intercomparison exercise on achieving climate neutrality in Europe, including over 20 models and 15 top research groups from the outset. One of such models is the Sector-Coupled Euro-Calliope, which I contribute to develop.

The modelling outcomes will support discussion with key decision makers via a range of novel methods, including interactive embeddable visualisation blocks, policy briefs, workshops and high-profile events. The project is funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.

JustWind4All. Just and effective governance for accelerating wind energy

JustWind4All aims to support the acceleration of on- and offshore wind energy, including emerging wind technologies like airborne and floating, by using a trans-disciplinary multi-method research design. It combines socio-environmental impact assessment, techno-economic modelling, SPORES, participatory processes, living labs and more to support decision-making, focussing on energy justice and social innovation. The project, awarded funding by the EU's Horizon programme in 2022, started in October 2022 and runs for three years.