A team of researchers from the Leibniz University in Hannover, led by Sarah Eckhoff and Maria Hart, independently developed an open-access graphical interface for RAMP! The interface is part of their broader NESSI toolkit, aimed at facilitating the simulation of buildings or neighbourhoods. Whenever pre-existing, metered demand profiles are not available for the buildings of interest, NESSI allows user to create demand profiles from scratch via the RAMP interface.

An example of use of the interface:

This makes RAMP substantially more accessible for stakeholders and partners with no Python expertise, and anticipates what we were planning to achieve as part of the ongoing multi-institution co-development process. In fact, we have reached out to the developers of the interface and have agreed to collaborate to bring this fantastic achievement up to speed with the latest version of the software that we have recently released.

Want to help? Check out RAMP’s website and find out how to contribute!